As I ponder the topics of the day. I reflect on the fact that I have conversed with people from coast to coast. Something that is not that significant in this day and age. I find it happening quite often as of lately. I guess the real note worthy thing that I find, is that the topic is the same. In every time zone, liberal and conservative alike, the conversation is the same. Politics have destroyed our country. It is not any one party that has created the damage, it is all of them. We no longer have a governing body that is in any way in touch with the main stream population. It has even become difficult to define mainstream. As the economy spirals at a steady pace down the tube of the inevitable, the agenda never seems to slant in the direction that simply leads to the best thing for the American people. The present day government can no longer function in a manner that is efficiently representing the people as a whole, simply because of the special interest and party agenda mandating voting based on affiliation and not necessarily what is the will of the people. As I conversed with different people around the country today there was a buzz about a new movement of people towards the TEA party. At first glance it sounds like the disgruntled republicans, or something that the conservative talk radio hosts are trying to motivate. But this is not the case at all. As these TEA party type events are unfolding all over the country it is more and more apparent that the people attending these meetings are from a wide demographic of Americans. People who are fed up with the direction our governing system has gone and want to clean it up. People who are no longer willing to let the political parties further undermine our country. It is the time when there is no partisanship, just concerned citizens who have realized that the system has major problems, and it needs fixed while it is still salvageable. It actually is kind of exciting and gives one hope to hear the buzz, would it not be nice if some how it worked out that rational citizens would come out of the wood work and offer up the solutions that would lead us back to a greater and more peaceful time . Would it not also be exciting if the people became wise enough to respond when the correct solutions were offered to us by the rational thinking people? I believe that it is possible, I have no idea if it will actually sprout from a tea party, or some other entity, but I will guarantee you that if the wisdom of the people is joined by a desire to do what is best for America, the best for America will prevail. As a wise man from Hanna Wyoming told his state senator at a local town hall meeting, “If you are unable to do anything to help the people of Wyoming, I suggest you buy some cows or something cause come November You’ll be looking for a job”. It comes to mind that there needs to be a “none of the above” box on the ballot so that we have a choice that is not the lesser of two evils, if there is no worthy candidate, there need be a means for the voter to say so. More of a lets vote the assholes out, If there is no desirable candidate they’re all out of a job and we continue to look for qualified representation . Would it not be efficient to vote against one asshole without having to elect just another asshole? Any how that what people were talking about today…………………….JD

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